30 Days of Brave

What could you do in 30 days with just a bit more bravery?

Just 5 mins/day!

This will guide you to the edge of your comfort zone and lovingly nudge you to explore what’s on the other side.

I couldlose 10 lbs

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Matt Prindle

Matt Prindle (co-founder of Intention Inspired) developed the Brave Series in collaboration with hundreds of core members. Together we've found that taking action towards our most authentic intentions requires self-love, self-knowledge and a whole lot of bravery.


daily intention

Each day during this mindful journey stems from a thoughtfully chosen sequential intention.

micro challenges

A fun, immediate way to turn that inspiring spark of intention into a raging fearless fire! Completed in just a couple of minutes so you can quickly get in a small win and confidently start your day.


Powerful statements that help you embody the characteristics of a courageous life.

iphone background

Short powerful expressions that affirm powerful change to ripple throughout your day.

journal prompts

Thoughtfully crafted reflections that inspire personal discovery and self-knowledge.

inspired readings

Timeless lessons and insights from mentors who have been there.


Thank you so much!!!!!!! I have learned so much about myself, my self-esteem, how to treat myself and others always with love, respect, compassion, and gratitude!!! This experience changed me. I definitely will continue my journey! Thank you!
Because of the daily reminders, and knowing that I was part of a community of people on the same journey as me; my achievement ended up being learning how to love myself deeply, to be more patient with myself and to even appreciate myself when I failed.
Although I still often feel overwhelming fear and anxiety, I am learning to use other skills to cope with these uncomfortable feelings. Now, I feel the fear, and I [move forward] anyway. Today, I am in solid recovery. I'm at a healthy weight. I'm regaining my life. I smile easily, and I laugh often. I'm finally happy.
Through this Brave series I was able to dive deeper into myself. Find out what the real problems were that were causing me to feel depressed and scared. I learned that I could discipline myself without putting myself down.
Matt Prindle

My intention for this project goes much beyond inspiration. It’s an inward journey of self-discovery in an effort to create and contribute to something much larger than little ole’ me. So thanks for stopping by and in doing so, contributing to the growing evolution of Intention Inspired.

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